Sauls Seismic

Sauls Seismic, LLC has been in the seismic consulting and vibration monitoring business for over 35 years. Our team of engineers, geologists and technicians has gained a reputation in the industry for professionalism and excellence. As an unbiased third party, Sauls Seismic specializes in a broad range of seismic services designed to ensure compliance and optimize performance associated with blasting activities in the mining, aggregates and construction industries.

We use NOMIS Seismographs exclusively in all monitoring activities. NOMIS Seismographs is a world leader in vibration monitoring equipment. All Sauls locations offer NOMIS equipment support.


Birmingham, AL
Charlotte, NC
Nashville, TN
Atlanta, GA
Columbus, OH
Chicago, IL
Winchester, VA
Louisville, KY
Knoxville, TN
Logan, WV
San Antonio, TX