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History of the Company

Construction Monitoring

Sauls Seismic, LLC has been in the seismic consulting and vibration monitoring business for four decades. Our team of engineers, geologists and technicians has gained a reputation in the industry for professionalism and excellence. As an unbiased third party, Sauls Seismic specializes in a broad range of seismic and environmental services designed to ensure compliance and optimize performance associated with activities in the mining, aggregates and construction industries.

Sauls Seismic began operations in Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia in 1980. Initial jobs included vibration monitoring for surface coal mining operations in Alabama for an international coal company; monitoring vibrations from blasting on renovations at a working hydroelectric dam for a major electric utility; and vibration monitoring and preblast inspections on the Atlanta transit system. From those considerable beginnings, Sauls Seismic quickly grew to be one of the most respected, seismic consultants in the industry.

In the past 40 years, services have expanded and been constantly updated using the latest technology to meet the ever changing needs of the business. Other significant jobs have been undertaken in these years representing the broad range of our services and the variety of projects we can address.


Representative projects we’ve worked on include:

Chickamauga Lock Replacement and Lock Excavation – Preblast inspections and vibration monitoring, Chattanooga, TN
I-59/20 Bridges Project –
Preblast inspections and vibration monitoring, Birmingham, AL
Dulles International Airport Expansion – Preblast inspections, displacement monitoring, and vibration monitoring, Dulles, VA
Emory Hospital Expansion –
vibration monitoring, Atlanta, GA
Portsmouth Bypass Project –
Preblast inspections and vibration monitoring, Portsmouth, OH
Mint Museum –
Preblast inspections and vibration monitoring, Charlotte, NC
Mission Hospital Project – 
Preblast inspections and vibration monitoring, Asheville, NC
I-10 Bridge Demolition
– Vibration monitoring, Pensacola, FL
I-10 (new) Bridge – Vibration monitoring, Pensacola, FL
Natural Historic Caves Near Quarry – Study effects of blast vibration, Juana Diaz, PR
Nuclear Power Plant – Preblast inspections and vibration monitoring, Tennessee
Route 9 Expansion – Right-of-way/existing conditions video and vibration monitoring, Virginia
SmartFIX40 – Preblast inspections, vibration monitoring, public relations, and complaint handling, Knoxville, TN
Nelsonville By-Pass - Preblast inspections and vibration monitoring, Nelsonville, Ohio


Sauls Seismic Today

Remote monitoring systems continuously monitor high-profile/liability sites providing real-time data, a state-of-the-art database, and alerts for instant notifications of "parameters of concern".

Seismic Solutions: Vibration/acoustics, preblast/preconstruction inspections, damage claim investigations, expert witness, right-of-way/existing terrain video, and public relations.

Water Solutions: Water levels, flow rates, pH, turbidity, and conductivity.

Weather Solutions: Lightning detection, precipitation, wind speed/direction, barometric pressure, and ambient air monitoring.

Company headquarters are in Birmingham, Alabama with other locations conveniently located throughout the United States. We have ongoing projects nationally and can effectively provide service anywhere in the country.

Why Use Sauls Seismic?

If a construction, mining, quarrying or demolition job calls for vibration monitoring, you need the assurance of using a company with the experience to provide complete, accurate and timely documentation. With Sauls Seismic, you get that assurance and that experience.

Sauls Seismic has been specializing in seismic consulting services for four decades. In those years, we have worked on a broad range of projects in many diverse venues.

Being in the business as long as we have, we have staff with 35 to 40 years’ experience in this field. We have conducted thousands of preblast/preconstruction inspections, taken millions of photos/videos documenting existing conditions, talked to thousands of homeowners about projects in their neighborhoods and successfully assisted clients in addressing numerous litigation situations.

With Sauls Seismic you get more than you expect. Any company can lease a seismograph, or take some photos before a job begins; but by using Sauls Seismic, you get more. We take a personal and professional approach to every job. That means timely, accurate documentation, secure data storage, personal service and the knowledge that we will be here for years to come. We provide solutions before they become problems.