NOW Access

Notification instantly by email or text message.

With Sauls NOW Access, you can have your seismic data anytime you want it. Once the seismograph is triggered, the data is sent to you immediately. Whether through e-mail, text message or through Sauls NOW Access, your data will be available for you.

Online data review through NOW Access.

NOW Access will enable you to securely view your data from any computer via the Internet. The database will also store information from any number of locations. Retrieving this stored data is as simple as choosing a location and the date/time of an event.

Wireless technology capable of remote communication.

Our technicians will investigate a potential monitoring site to ensure that a long term, reliable monitoring station can be established. The equipment we use has been tested in some of the most remote areas in the country to create worst-case situations. Through this extensive field testing process, we can reliably deliver the valuable information you need, when you need it . . . NOW.

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