Sauls provides a full suite of inspection and seismic services for construction projects. Sauls monitors vibration and overpressure for civil construction projects to measuring and documenting these effects transmitted to adjacent third-party structures. Our systems are used in blasting, pile driving, demolition, and heavy equipment applications.

Using industry leading Nomis Seismographs, our sensors are installed with great attention placed on coupling and adherence to ISEE guidelines. Vibration data, as well as inspection records are available immediately through our Now AccessSM data management software.

Why are Seismic Monitoring and Inspection Services Important for Construction Projects?

Contractors must control construction vibrations and air overpressure levels transmitted to adjacent structures from their projects to accepted safe levels.
Vibration and air overpressure levels within accepted safe limits can still result in neighbor complaints and unwarranted claims. Collecting vibration and air overpressure data at neighboring properties before and during construction activities is a civil contractor’s best tool in minimizing the risk of vibration-related claims from neighbors.
With continual measurement using our state-of-the-art technology, our customers can adjust their operations to keep air overpressure and vibration effects to accepted safe standards. In the event of a neighbor concern, these data are valuable protection against unwarranted claims and assist in addressing concerns.

Services Offered

Sauls data are collected utilizing telemetry and delivered through our Now Access SM data management software.


Sauls Seismic, LLC has been in the consulting and remote monitoring business for over 45 years. Our team has gained a reputation in the industry for professionalism and excellence. As an unbiased third party, we specialize in a broad range of services designed to monitor compliance and optimize performance associated with ensuring environmentally responsible activities in the mining, aggregates, pipeline, and construction industries.

For more than four decades we have worked on projects in many diverse venues. We have conducted thousands of preblast/preconstruction inspections, taken millions of photos/videos documenting existing conditions, spoken to thousands of homeowners about projects in their neighborhoods and successfully assisted clients in addressing numerous litigation situations.

If a construction project requires seismic or environmental services, you need the assurance of using a company with experience to provide complete, accurate, and timely documentation. With Sauls Seismic, you get that assurance and that experience, and we deliver more than you expect.

It’s the personal involvement of Sauls’ staff that sets our service apart from others. With years of installation experience by our technicians, we take a professional approach to every job. That means timely, accurate documentation, secure data storage, personal service, and the knowledge that we will be here for years to come. We provide solutions before they become problems.


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Blast vibration monitoring is an essential aspect of mining operations that helps to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, comply with regulations, and optimize mining activities. Contact us to see how you can identify potential issues and take action to prevent damage or safety risks.