Cochran Highway Expansion – Eastman, GA

The Cochran Highway Expansion Project is the widening of a 9.5-mile section of US 23 just north of Eastman, GA. The Georgia DOT awarded this project to Everett Dykes Grassing Company. Everett Dykes chose Sauls Seismic to perform the preconstruction inspections, post-construction inspections, and vibration monitoring on this ongoing project. Over the course of 7 years, Sauls has completed 66 preconstruction inspections, monitored construction vibrations at as many as 37 simultaneous seismograph locations, and will conduct 66 post-construction inspections upon completion of construction. The Sauls Seismic NOW Access℠ website was utilized throughout the project to notify project management of vibration alerts.  A combination text/email alert system was set up to send notifications for both alert and action levels of vibration.

Project Details

  • Project Name : Cochran Highway Expansion – Eastman, GA


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