Remote Flow Monitoring

BACKGROUND: The customer is required to monitor flow from a pond as part of their National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit.

IDENTIFIED PROBLEM: The pond has two discharge pipes which flowed into a riprap channel. It was difficult to maintain an accurate record of discharge from the pond under the existing conditions.

  1. Flow was estimated based off of visual inspections. There was no way to know if the discharge stopped or started between inspections.
  2. During rain events an employee would have to travel to the pond discharge location to monitor the flow.

SOLUTION: Sauls Seismic worked with the customer to install a Parshall flume to collect the flow from both discharge pipes. Having a channel with known dimensions Sauls was able to install a remote flow monitoring system. The continuous flow measurements are transmitted via telemetry to a secure data-storage facility and made available to the customer in near-real time.


Immediate Results- client can view flow data on a computer, smartphone or tablet from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Alert Notifications- alerts notify personnel immediately via text/email of parameters of concern.

Increased Productivity- employees can focus on other tasks and view flow data without visiting the site.

Custom Reporting- data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for use in regulatory reporting such as NetDMR.

Flow 1
Flow Data 1
Flow Data Example

Project Details

  • Project Name : Remote Flow Monitoring


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