Environmental Monitoring: NPDES & Water Solutions

Sauls remote monitoring solutions for NPDES reporting and other critical water parameters make essential data available to project personnel while reducing employee field hours—saving operational time and resources.

Data are secured, processed, visualized, and stored using NOW Access SM. Raw data exports and customized reports are available for internal or regulatory needs.

Why is Environmental Monitoring Important?

Immediate visibility for critical water parameters, including Rain, Flow, Water Level, Outflow Detection, and Water Quality helps efficiently manage your NPDES program and stay in compliance.
Sauls environmental monitoring solutions allow sites to continuously monitor parameters required for NPDES permits. Alerts allow sites to anticipate compliance issues and prevent infractions before they become costly violations.

How Does Environmental Monitoring Work?

Sauls’ NOW AccessSM data monitoring platform and remote monitoring stations deliver your environmental data.
Whatever you need to monitor, we can develop a solution to meet your requirements. NOW AccessSM can incorporate data from virtually any sensor on any monitoring platform. Commonly monitored parameters include:

Who Do We Serve?

Environmental monitoring services are utilized by our clients in Mining, Quarries, and Construction industries to stay ahead of their compliance requirements. Visit our applications page to learn more.


Vibration and environmental monitoring for mining to document compliance and optimize blasting activities at mines and quarries.


Vibration and environmental monitoring for projects to document construction activities.

Visit our applications page to learn more about how clients use our services.

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