Sauls Seismic and Nomis Seismographs Host 4th Annual Technology Demonstration Day in Nashville, TN

Over 60 attendees and 10 presenters gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, for the 4th annual Technology Demonstration Day. The event provides a forum to discuss updates to existing technology and introduce new developments associated with the aggregates business. Industry representatives joined presenters from Sauls Seismic, Nomis Seismographs, Quarry Services, Orica, MREL, Motion Metrics and Dr. Braden Lusk for morning discussion.

“We would like to thank Vulcan Materials, Sauls and Nomis for the opportunity to share the new technology of the Smart Drill. We would also like to thank the Danley Quarry for preparing the venue and giving us the hospitality and help to make this all happen. We look forward to working with you and appreciate this great opportunity to share and build on the technology for the future,” said Billy Phillips of Quarry Services.

J. Randy Jones of Vulcan Materials Company stated, “The event started Wednesday evening in Nashville with a private dinner. Thursday began with a half-day class of various presenters of which each shared some new and interesting technology related to our industry. This event was well planned, stayed right on time with the published agenda and was well worth the time to be a participant. I’m already looking forward to 2018!”

For the afternoon, the group traveled to Vulcan’s nearby Danley Quarry. There, the presentations continued with a live demonstration of Smart Drill technology from Quarry Services while Motion Metrics displayed their PortaMetrics device for portable fragmentation analysis.

“We would like to thank Sauls Seismic and Nomis Seismographs for the opportunity to attend Tech Demo Day for 2017, and thanks to Vulcan Materials for allowing us to use their quarry for the field demonstrations. The presentations were very informative and full of cutting-edge technology that we can apply to our daily business. This was a great place to meet and network with other leading companies in the industry.” said attendee Rowdy Reynolds of Explosive Contractors, Inc.

Both Sauls and Nomis recognize the importance of bringing together technological best practices to make companies more safe and efficient which provide downstream cost savings.